SEQEL Appointee Rob Campbell Wins NZSA Beacon Award

Thursday 30 November 2017

The Chairman of Tourism Holdings and Summerset Group, and Chairman Elect of SkyCityRob Campbell, has been awarded the New Zealand Shareholders Association (NZSA) Beacon Award for 2017.

Campbell, who was elected Chairman of Tourism Holdings in August 2013, and Summerset in 2011, has over 30 years experience in investment management and corporate governance.

The NZSA said Campbell was given the award for his willingness to speak out on issues without fear or favour. His comments around directors needing to take a more hands on approach, to manage the managers, to not be tick box governors, the limited imagination of some boards and the disconnect between reality and how bankers and finance professionals are remunerated may not be universally applauded.

The Beacon Award guidelines talk about bravery in standing out from the crowd on issues that are controversial, and the NZSA believes his career has demonstrated exactly that.