At SEQEL our focus is on high quality executive appointments. Our firm brings deep capability and market knowledge in the executive recruitment process, underpinned by a strong track record of undertaking successful executive appointments across a broad range of functions and sectors. As a firm, we are passionate about appointing executives who make a genuine difference to the performance of client companies over a sustained period of time.

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SEQEL has a strong track record of partnering with business leaders to appoint executives across the full spectrum of functional areas. At the start of any process, we invest time to truly understand what success looks like, identifying relevant experience, competencies, diversity, style and culture fit requirements. We synthesise this information, and develop a tailored executive search strategy targeting predominantly passive talent based in both New Zealand and offshore. Utilising our executive recruitment process and methodology, we systematically identify, approach and assess relevant candidates prior to client interviews. In partnership with our clients, we conduct appropriate references and psychometric testing before offer and negotiation with the preferred candidate.  Finally, we facilitate quality executive on-boarding, focusing on ensuring the appointee makes a ‘fast start’ in the new position.

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